The Value of a Strong High School Special Education Curriculum

Since 1968, The Community High School has provided exceptional, individually tailored education to children with learning differences and attention deficits. Through our fantastic high school special education curriculum, we can provide our students with a balanced and passionate approach to learning that caters to their individual needs and helps them succeed both academically and in life.

The Community High School’s Curriculum

English & Literature

Smiling students at their desks

Our English and Literature courses expose our students to word identification, vocabulary development, and comprehension through a variety of novels, plays, short stories, and poetry.


Our History Department's curriculum covers world history, United States history, civics, and government. Students develop critical thinking skills and study skills through these courses.


Our Mathematics courses follow a traditional high school sequence. We use a multi-sensory teaching approach to help our students learn basic skills as well as algebraic and geometric concepts.


All Science courses cover a variety of subjects and include extensive discussions and lectures emphasizing organization, study skills, critical thinking, and lab activities.


Every high school student receives a Google Chromebook loaded with assistive technology programs that help them reach their highest level of academic success.

Tutorial Program

In addition to our small group and individualized instruction, we offer our students individual Tutorial Programs for specific skill development. Sessions include vocabulary development, reading comprehension, written expression, mathematics, and study skills.


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The Community School is committed to helping all children reach their full potential, regardless of any challenges they may face. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our program, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss how we can best serve your child's needs. Thank you for considering The Community School as a resource for your family!