Donation Opportunity

The Annual Appeal

Your contribution to our school’s Annual Appeal will assure that our schools continue to grow and prosper, and that we are able to offer the very best programs and facilities to all of our current students and to those who will follow.

Now, more than ever, your generosity will mean that our physical facilities classrooms and educational technologies and programs will remain first-rate in both our High School and Lower School.

For over forty-five years, Community School has remained steadfastly dedicated to our mission: that each and every one of our students can excel and that all of them have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

By giving to the maximum extent possible, you will help guarantee that our mission continues to be accomplished for the sake of all of our children and their families.

Thank you for giving generously.

Please download the contribution form.

At our High School Lyonel Zunz Building

High School Building

Opportunity Gifting Level

  • Student Lounge/Lobby "Atrium" $15,000
  • Weight Trainning Center $25,000
  • Cafeteria $20,000
  • Speech and Language Center $10,000
  • Language Training Classroom $10,000
  • Classrooms, "In Honor of" $10,000
  • Science Labs $10,000
  • World Language Classroom $10,000
  • Photography Studio $20,000
  • Music Center $20,000
  • Computer Lab $20,000
  • Drama/Actors Workshop $20,000

At our Lower School Beatrice Lieben Building

Lower School Building

Opportunity Gifting Level

  • Speech and Language Centers $10,000
  • Visual Motor Center $10,000
  • Classrooms, "In Honor of" $10,000
  • Reading Centers $10,000
  • Gymnasium/Physical Education Center $20,000
  • Art Studio $20,000
  • Study Skills Centers $10,000
  • Computer Lab $20,000
  • Science Lab $20,000

Giving Tree Campaign

Join us in this important and memorable campaign to help our schools’ annual appeal. Your contribution will ensure that The Community Schools are able to continue the tradition of providing educational excellence for the bright child with learning and attentional disabilities. In The Community High School’s gymnasium lobby, a new Giving Tree is prominently displayed for all to see. Our stunning Giving Tree, with solid mahogany trunk, displays leaves of recognition of contributions to our schools. Each imprinted leaf is designated with those who have so generously gifted to our Giving Tree Campaign. It is a lasting memory of your kindness and a true testament to the support and generosity of Community School’s family and friends. Imprint a name or special message on a leaf. Up to 3 lines, 20-23 characters and spaces per leaf.

  • Gold – $1,000 +
  • Silver – $500-$999
  • Bronze - $200-$499

The Dennis Cohen Memorial Scholarship

On August 22, 2012 The Community School suffered a great loss in the passing of our esteemed Director and President, Dennis Cohen. For forty years, Dennis Cohen dedicated his life to the students of Community School. His goal was to make all students at Community School feel good about themselves. His excellent sense of humor entertained both students and peers. His colleagues regarded him as a perceptive listener and an expert in conflict resolution. As a teacher, Dennis inspired students to set their goals high and relentlessly pursue their dreams. As an administrator, Dennis set the tone for the entire school to expect the best out of each and every student. Indeed, Dennis had a mission to ensure that all the students at Community School believe in themselves and remain motivated to achieve success. Perhaps Dennis’ strongest suit was his consistent work ethic, which ultimately allowed him to tackle problems that might otherwise have remained unresolved if fewer hours and a lesser effort were applied to the issue. Mr. Cohen’s legacy will live on for the thousands of children who benefited from his knowledge and expertise in the field of education. He is sorely missed by his students, his faculty and every one of the lives he touched throughout his stellar forty-year career.

Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Dennis knew of his tremendous love for sports and his support for our school’s many sports teams. We have fine memories of Dennis walking the sidelines of our students’ games, usually with snacks and drinks in hand to share with the students and the staff spectators. No matter how busy he was, he would always find the time to come and support our student athletes. Because of Dennis’ love for sports and for his dedication to our students, on May 19, 2013 our gymnasium was named “The Dennis Cohen Memorial Gymnasium” by The Community School, Inc. Board of Trustees. Our school is forever indebted to Dennis for his tireless efforts over four decades. With his vision and leadership, Community School would not be the wonderful place it is today. The thousands of students and hundreds of staff members that have been fortunate to have known him and those who will attend our school in the future, are all better because of him.

With Dennis’ passing, it is more important than ever that we continue to support his cause and keep his legacy alive. Therefore, The Dennis Cohen Memorial Scholarship was set up to honor Dennis and his legacy. This scholarship is given annually to one or more outstanding graduating seniors who best exemplify the qualities that Dennis instilled in his students. The scholarship recipients must write an essay and are chosen by a committee of teachers and administrators. If you would like to donate, please mail a check to 1135 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666 payable to Community School. Please write The Dennis Cohen Memorial Scholarship in the memo. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.