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Frequently Asked Questions for the High School

Students arrive at 8:00 AM and homeroom begins at 8:20. The school day ends at 2:50. There are nine 40-minute periods including a 40-minute lunch.
Community School does not provide transportation. Transportation is provided by student's sending district.
There are approximately 185 students in the school.
The average class size is 6-7 students per class.
We are an approved non-profit private day school in both New York and New Jersey.
Community School offers Speech and Language, Counseling, Occupational Therapy as well as Reading and Math tutorials.
Community High School Curriculum by Grade:
  • 9th grade: World History, Living Environment I, English, Literature, Math, PE/Health, 2 Electives
  • 10th grade: US History/Government I, Living Environment II, English, Literature, Math, PE/Health, 2 Electives
  • 11th grade: US History/Global II, Chemistry, English, Literature, Math, PE/Health, 2 Electives
  • 12th grade: US History III and Financial Literacy, Physics (optional), English, Literature, Math, PE/Health, 2 Electives
  1. ChromeBook: CHS provided laptop for school and home use
  2. Headphones: For use with audio in class
  3. Mouse: Separate mouse will aid student with manipulation of on-screen cursor.
  4. Google Education Tool: Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Slides (Equivalent to Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  5. Read&Write for Google: The application encompasses text-to-speech, word prediction, dictation, highlighting tools and a dictionary. It works within Google Docs where all CHS students are expected to complete assignments and classwork. Specifically using the dictation feature (speech-to-text) will increase the ability to complete papers and assignments three times faster than typing. Reading aloud will improve reading and writing skills. Speech-to-text may drive improvements in word recognition and pronunciation as well as reading fluency and comprehension.
  6. LearningAlly.org: Online resource has 80,000+ human-narrated audiobooks and text-books. LearningAlly also includes test prep with page-level navigation, text highlighting and audio speed and adjustments.
  7. Typing Web: Online typing program to improve typing skills
  8. Webspiration: An online graphic organizer assists with thinking, planning, analyzing and communicating complex ideas. This visual thinking tool uses diagrams to represent ideas, concepts, process flows and relationships.
  9. Visual Thesaurus: An online visually captivating display that engages the student with learning new words and concepts. Visual Thesaurus may be used as a vocabulary builder for the creative writing process, poetry writing and essay writing. Visual Thesaurus also helps prepare for the SAT.
  10. Bookshare.org: Online resource for all novels, best sellers, textbooks and more.
  11. Discovery Education Streaming: This multimedia resource builds mastery in interpreting, understanding, and evaluating information across all subject areas and supports multiple learning styles.
  12. Quizlet: This online study tool prepares students for tests and quizzes using flashcard study sets, test preparation questions and mock tests.
  13. LiveScribe Pen: Records instructor’s voice in the place of taking notes.
  14. Screen Enlarger, or Screen Magnifiers: Work like a magnifying glass for the computer by enlarging a portion of the screen which can increase legibility and make it easier to see items on the computer. Some screen enlargers allow a person to zoom in and out on a particular area of the screen.
  15. Classroom Materials: CHS created Google Folder for all scanned classroom materials including textbooks, literature handouts and workbooks. All items have screen reading capabilities.
  16. IXL.com: Online math and grammar program provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content.
  17. Genesis Student Portal: Online daily homework and assignment postings.
No, all Community High School students will receive a Google Chromebook to use for the years they attend.
We offer breakfast (7:45-8:15) and lunch (12:00-12:40) and participate in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. Students can pay in cash or parents can send in a check or cash to be put into their child’s account.
We offer school-wide College Board testing (PSAT & SAT). We will also accommodate anyone who is interested in the ACT. In addition, New Jersey students take mandated state testing including the PARCC and the NJBCT.
Ninety percent of our students go on to a post secondary program. See our Alumni page for more information.
CHS offers the following electives: Spanish I, II, III, Music, Drama I, II, III, Graphics, Art Exploration, Photography, Study Skills, School Service, Computer Graphics, Computer Science and Animation, Computer Art, Fitness Training, Forensics, Psychology, Film Study and Contemporary Issues.