The Community High School

The Community High School was created to provide the complete, memorable high school experience for students with learning differences. It is a coeducational independent school that has grown from a staff of three teachers and two small classrooms to a renowned and honored school serving a diverse population of 180 students from eight New York and New Jersey counties and from over 76 school districts.

The high school academics & electives

  • High School Academics: English & Literature, History, Mathematics, Science, Tutorial Program, Health and PE
  • High School Electives: Art Exploration, Computer Art, Computer Science and Animation, Computer Science and Graphics, Creative Writing, Drama, Film Study, Fine Art, Forensics, Music, Photography, Psychology, World Language, Yearbook
  • High School Documents & Forms

    High School Staff

    The high school division was established in 1976

    In small classes and utilizing state of the art technology, our highly trained teachers offer instruction tailored to meet each student’s individual needs and learning style, to allow them to fully reach their potential.

    Community High School prepares students for secondary education by offering a wide variety of basic and special subjects, elective classes and extracurricular activities, all created and designed to satisfy content area and graduation requirements while developing a well-rounded individual.

    All students are encouraged to try new approaches to learning in order to reach their fullest potential and prepare for new opportunities after graduation.

    Students on stairs

    The faculty at Community High School is composed of special education teachers as well as subject area specialists, many of whom hold advanced degrees and multiple certifications. In addition, the school has specialists in speech and language therapy, learning disabilities, social, vocational and educational counseling and remedial reading, writing and mathematics. Classroom sizes are small and all teachers are especially trained to identify and foster each student’s true abilities.

    High School Calendar

    Calendar at a Glance

    Our Documents & Forms list above contains a handy one-sheet "Calendar at a Glance" for hanging on the fridge!

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