Community High School Academics

English & Literature

Student reading

Community High School students receive daily instruction in Literature, Reading and Language Arts.

Reading courses offer instruction and remediation in word identification, vocabulary development and comprehension. Literature courses expose students to a variety of novels, plays, short stories and poetry. Intermediate and advanced literature courses also offer instruction in vocabulary and skill development. English courses focus on the development of writing and composition skills, including instruction in paragraph development, essay writing, editing and research skills, grammar, handwriting, spelling and language usage.

Since our inception, Community High School has specialized in working with students whose disabilities affect the language process. The school uses the Orton-Gillingham method, which offers a structured language program for students with dyslexia who have not learned to read, write or spell using traditional methods. The program is based on building a network of sound-symbol associations using visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile modalities - a multi-sensory approach.

Our faculty, specially trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach, offers a language training program with intensive remedial instruction, daily individual lessons, multi-sensory instruction and integration of reading, writing and spelling in daily lessons. The language-training techniques are reinforced throughout the curriculum.


The History Department's curriculum covers world history and a three-part sequence of United States history, civics and government. Students develop an understanding of historical concepts through the study of human experience. They examine how societies have attempted to control and govern themselves over the past centuries. The study of geography and contemporary affairs is an integral part of the coursework. Emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking skills and study skills.


The Mathematics Department provides a traditional high school sequence of courses that includes Basic Skills, Business Math, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, Geometry and Math Analysis. Courses offer remediation of basic skills as well as instruction in the practical application of learned concepts. The mathematics program is based on a multi-sensory approach involving the use of manipulatives to aid students in learning not only basic skills, but also algebraic and geometric concepts. Through visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, the students are able to grasp and retain the material necessary for development and advancement. In addition to covering the traditional college preparatory math training, we also offer a money management course that provides students with the ability to solve mathematical problems that they will use throughout their lives.


Student experimenting with salt

The Science Department’s goal is to foster the development of scientifically literate students who possess the understanding of scientific concepts and processes required for personal and societal decision making. All courses include discussions and lectures with an emphasis on organization and study skills, critical thinking and lab activities. The lab activities are designed to reinforce content as well as assess student understanding of applied concepts.

Tutorial Program

Community High School has long recognized that individualized instruction can be far-reaching, strengthening a student's skill development, improving self-concept and increasing motivation. Therefore, in addition to small group instruction and individualized attention offered within classes, we have also expanded the remedial classes available for specific skill development. Tutorial sessions are offered in vocabulary development, reading comprehension, written expression, mathematics, and study skills. Individualized work plans are designed to provide students with practice in the development and implementation of learning strategies and effective independent work habits. Study Skills/homework classes are available daily to help students with homework assignments and the development of efficient study routines. To meet the specific needs of the dyslexic student, multiple teaching approaches are employed, including the Orton-Gillingham method of language training and The Wilson Reading System. Speech and Language Therapy is also offered as prescribed, using a communication-based model, delivered within individual and small group sessions, as well as in selected language arts classes. Instruction is focused on the development of adolescent communication skills for use in both the academic and social arenas.

Health and PE

Students on treadmill

Community High School offers students an extensive Health Education program, which includes a family life curriculum that is aligned with New Jersey's Core Curriculum Content Standards. A variety of special programs and individual speakers dealing with health and safety issues are also provided each year.

Community High School provides many opportunities for its students to excel athletically by offering a wide variety of recreational and interscholastic activities. Intramural sports offerings include flag football, indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Students are also encouraged to compete in the varsity sports program. Community High School has excellent facilities for these activities, including a newly renovated full-size gymnasium, weight training area, and a state-of-the-art "Field of Dreams". The "Field of Dreams", which is shared by both the Lower School and High School, includes soccer and softball fields, a running track, picnic facilities, fitness stations, and an outdoor classroom and sitting areas, creating an overall park-like atmosphere.


Student on laptop

At Community High School, all students are assigned Google Chromebooks which are loaded with assistive technology programs to support each student in succeeding.

In order to bring a fresh approach to teaching and learning, each classroom is equipped with Smartboard technology which is a visual collaborative tool, used by students and teachers to access web links, video, music, graphics and text. The interactive screens provide visual and auditory learning. A list of our student subscriptions may be found here.

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