Community High School Electives

Art Exploration

This course will introduce the students to a wide variety of art techniques. The elements of art, principles of design, and two and three-dimensional projects will be introduced. Projects will include paintings, printmaking techniques and a variety of mixed media. Students will be introduced to a variety of Art history periods and will research and report on artists from various cultures. Students will also maintain an Art journal that will include thoughts, ideas, sketches, notes from class lectures and any photographs or art objects that are of interest to the student.

​​Broadcast Communications

Student at radio broadcast equipment

In Broadcast Communications, students learn the basic principles and practices of broadcasting. The course includes units on pre-production, production, and post-production. Students are involved in technical aspects of the broadcasting milieu including studio design, writing for electronic media (commercial and public), microphone technique, public speaking, mass communication, interacting with recording software, broadcast console operation, and podcasting. Students are required to participate in the production of their online products as well as assisting other students. Productions may air, or be archived at a separate website, or through weekly broadcasts on our buildings public address system. Students may also participate in class trips to observe professional broadcasting environments.

Commercial Art

Commercial Art is designed to teach students who wish to learn the basics of computer desktop publishing programs, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Students will create business packets and portfolios from start to finish. These packets will include a business and a name, business cards, stationery, letterhead, and logos.

Computer Art

Students are taught traditional principles of art and design using drawing tablets and software to create digital art. Students have an opportunity to sample elements of other Community High School computer classes such as animation and assist with promotional materials for CHS Toy Drive and Pi Day events.

Computer Science and Animation

Student being helped by computer science teacher

Students learn how to create 2D and 3D computer animation along with stop motion animation all within our state of the art computer lab. Students learn to use Adobe Flash Photoshop for creation of 2D animation. Each workstation is outfitted with a flexi-camera and motion animation software. 3D models are created and animated using LightWave 3D animation and modeling software. Projects are created throughout the year and presented at an end of the year Computer Class Video Show which is open to friends and family of our students.

Computer Science and Graphics

Our students learn and work with the latest professional computer design tools and software. They create marketing materials, logo design, package design, and assist with creation of promotional images for school events like the CHS Toy Drive and Pi Day. The class culminates in the building and development of their own video games and marketing material. Projects are presented at end of year Computer Classes Video Show open to friends and family of our students.

Contemporary Issues

This course is designed to introduce students to issues and events that are shaping today’s world. The first half of the year will focus on broad governmental issues, population changes, national security, terrorism, and human rights. During the second half of the year, the course will shift to environmental issues such as water and food availability, natural resources, endangered species, and climate concerns. Students will engage in class discussions and small in-class projects, view select articles and videos and evaluate the reliability of sources throughout the year. As they learn about the different issues, students will be encouraged to focus on topics of particular interest to them and present information to their classmates.The intention is that students will leave the course with a better cultural and societal awareness.

Creative Writing

Student writing

This course offers students the opportunity to discover, develop and share their creative voices. Students will think imaginatively and experiment with different written forms. Through the writing process, students will broaden their vocabulary base, incorporate rhetorical and literary devices, and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of Standard English language conventions and the overall writing process. Students will also engage in positive discussions offering constructive feedback of their peers' work.

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with fiction (short story), poetry, speech writing, non-fiction (journalism) and other creative compositions. Publication of students' work in either The Eagle Eye school newspaper, in literary journals or through writing contests will introduce students to a larger community and help them to develop a deeper appreciation for the craft and art of writing. Assistive and multimedia technology is employable to assist and enhance the quality of student reading, writing and presentations.

Elie Wiesel’s Trilogy: Night, Dawn, Day – A Novel Study

In this collection of his earliest novels, Night, Dawn, Day, Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel introduces the reader to an unimaginable world. Through these three novels, Wiesel examines the importance of memories, one’s relationship with God, and man’s attraction to violence. This course will consist of an examination of these works, along with excerpts from supplementary pieces, artistic and photographic representations of the time period, documentaries and interviews with the author. Throughout the course of study, students will engage in a variety of discussions, student presentations, as well as written assignments, reasoning tasks and the research process. Assistive and multimedia technology is employable to assist and enhance the quality of the readings and student writing.

Family and Consumer Management

This course is designed to give students a general knowledge of the components of home management, the foods we eat, the functions of nutrients, and the factors that influence the recommended dietary intake of nutrients. Units will include basic nutrition, consumer buying, food preparation, home safety measures, sewing, laundry, home etiquette and budgeting. Students will be introduced to nutritious eating, unit pricing, cooking with recipes, home maintenance and effective budgeting strategies. Students will learn food preparation techniques and the skills necessary to plan and prepare nutritious foods in class. Students will also explore alternatives for conserving energy and reducing waste.

Fitness Training

Community High School offers students the opportunity to participate in a Fitness Training class that is a more fitness oriented gym class that fulfills the state physical education requirement or elective requirement. This class allows students to gain confidence and improve all of the fitness components, as they exercise utilizing weights, treadmills, nautilus machines, workout programs and teacher expertise. The Psychology course at Community High School focuses on child development, the brain and behavior, sleep and dreams, sensation and perception, learning and memory, theories of personality, stress and health, and psychological disorders. In exploring these topics, students are involved in group discussions, experiments and projects. The class will view a variety of films relating to psychology. Students learn how to follow a syllabus.


Students rehearsing a play

Drama class teaches the basic techniques of acting, working as an ensemble, and technical support skills. While working on the stage productions, students learn the more advanced skills of acting and production. The theatre workshop is complete with modular furniture and theatre props as well as a small stage to allow for scene rehearsals. Drama and Performing Arts classes perform in a full stage production each year in the auditorium, as well as several talent and variety shows throughout the year.

Film Study

The Film Study curriculum at Community High School is designed to increase students' aesthetic awareness in film. The program focuses on exposing students to historical, social, and cultural influences which have generated artistic accomplishments in the film industry, and which continue to shape contemporary arts.

Fine Art

Student painting

Fine Art introduces the student to a wide variety of art techniques, including the principles of color, elements of design, pattern, balance, composition, line, and form. These techniques are exposed through two and three-dimensional projects, drawings, and paintings. Work in 3D is expressed through paper mache, clay-work, and other sculptural techniques. The Art Department offers students the opportunity to display their works and participate in the annual art show.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science can be defined as the application of science to matters of the law. Principles of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science govern the interpretation of evidence from a crime scene. As computer programming and forensic laboratory techniques have become more accessible and reliable, their use in interpreting and analyzing crime scene evidence has increased. Society now expects science and technology to assist in crime solving. The primary goal of this course is to use forensic science as a vehicle for teaching science in a meaningful context and developing scientific literacy. Students are engaged in the learning process through the use of inquiry based tasks and authentic forensic laboratory techniques. These tasks develop students’ observation, analytical and problem solving skills as well as demonstrate the nature of science.


Student playing guitar

The music program at Community High School teaches the musician to play chords and melodies on guitar, bass, or piano. Basic music theory is introduced and students have access to the school multi-track recording studio. Students are offered performance opportunities in the annual talent, music and drama shows. Students are also encouraged to participate in performing musical pieces at the Fashion Show. During lunch, the Music Department is open to any student who wishes to practice or play along with other students.


Student with a camera

This course covers different lighting techniques, printing and portfolio creation. The student will study other photographers and their works, as well as elements of art and principles of design. Students take their own photographs in and out of school for publication in their portfolios and in the school yearbook .


Student looking down

The Psychology course at Community High School focuses on child development, the brain and behavior, sleep and dreams, sensation and perception, learning and memory, theories of personality, stress, and health, and psychological disorders. In exploring these topics, students are involved in group discussions, experiments, and projects. The class will view a variety of films and movies relating to psychology and to related issues. Students learn how to follow a syllabus, how to look at behavior and society from different points of view, and they gain a better understanding of people in their lives. The ideas discussed are new and interesting. Topics are often about them and their view of the world.

Public Speaking/Argument & Debate

Public Speaking/Argument & Debate is offered to provide the experience of preparing for and delivering speeches within a public setting. This course will also present students with a set of skills designed to increase critical thinking, argumentation, and pinpointing issues necessary for debate. The class includes the preparation of informative, persuasive, and special occasion speeches. Students receive teacher and peer critiques and positive feedback through group discussion. Demonstration and effective speeches with audiovisual support will be discussed and presented.

Introduction to Woodworking

Introduction to Woodworking is offered to students who wish to enhance their practical understanding of basic woodworking skills using common hand tools such as rulers, hammers, chisels, handsaws, drills, and hand planes. Introduction to Woodworking is intended for students who would like to increase their fine motor and do-it-yourself skills, or someone looking to use the skills learned to start a hobby. The students will develop marketable skills that will help him/her gain entry-level employment in jobs in the carpentry and woodworking industry.

World Language

Student learning from a Spanish teacher

Spanish as a world language is taught over a three-year period. The first year of Spanish provides a solid basis in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing. This course aims to develop a facility to pronounce correctly and to converse in simple, useful speech patterns with an introduction to idiomatic expressions. The second year of Spanish continues the development of skills in speaking and understanding the Spanish language. Students gain more experience in reading comprehension and the acquisition of vocabulary as the basis for writing. The third year Spanish student continues the development of skills in speaking, understanding, reading and writing the Spanish language.

Yearbook Publishing

The Community High School yearbook, Wings, is a product of the efforts of the Yearbook class, students who take the photographs, and those who create the computer graphics. The goal of Wings is to develop ideas, study typography, design page layouts, and manipulate photos and photography, which is then showcased in the 108-page yearbook. This high quality publication is anxiously awaited every year and treasured by both students and faculty.

Yoga and Mindfulness

The Yoga and Mindfulness class is designed to introduce students, safely and accessibly, to the basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga to achieve more out of their day-to-day lives. Students will begin to experience the benefits of stretching, moving, and breathing freely as they learn to manage stress and anxiety in their lives through guided yoga postures and specific mindfulness practices. They will study how to focus attention on the current moments, build skills in self-awareness, interpersonal communication skills and develop an ability to establish a calm, confident and mindful approach to their world.