Programs for Achievement

Student Orientation

All new students to Community High School participate in our New Student Orientation Program during the first three days of school. Our goal is to assist all our new students with a smooth transition to high school and begin their journey of belonging and bonding with our CHS family.

Over the course of the three days we offer breakfast with our Peer Leaders, orientation classes, technology class, a team building field trip, an activities fair, an ice cream social, and much more.

Students at an orientation
Day 1
  • New Student Breakfast
  • Meet and Greet with Peer Leaders
  • Welcome to CHS Class: Take a tour of the school, Locker assignments, Explanation of school procedures
  • Code of Conduct Class: CHS handbook, Explanation of school rules and expected school behavior
  • Introduction to Study Skills Class: Binder distribution, Explanation of CHS organizational planner
  • How to Be an Ideal High School Student: Homework, Time management and organization
  • Intro to Good Study Skill Techniques
Student touring school
Day 2
  • Community High School Technology Class:
    • Distribution of CHS Chromebooks
    • Computer use and procedures
    • Navigating Genesis
  • Team Building Field Trip
    (Off School Grounds):
    • Team building activity
    • Luncheon
Team building exercise
Day 3
  • Digital Citizenship Class:
    • Staying safe on the internet during this digital age,
    • Using the internet in a respectful, responsible, and appropriate manner,
    • Pros and Cons of Social Media
  • Student Activities Fair:
    • Intro to lunchtime clubs and organizations,
    • Intro to after school clubs and organization,
    • CHS Sports and Athletics
  • Schoolwide Ice Cream Social

Project Destination

Smiling students in a group

Project Destination furthers the mission to promote independent learners not only in the academic realm, but in the real world realm as well. Students participate in a variety of day trips in and around New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia. These trips provide new experiences that expand and reinforce upon the classroom curriculum. Students have participated in a variety of field trips to museums in the tri-state area, art studios, Broadway shows, historical sites, teambuilding facilities, Six Flags, and so much more.

Horizons / Peer Leaders

Girls similing

The Horizons Peer Leaders Program is a resource available to all incoming students at the Community High School. In order to have a successful transition into the high school setting, students can utilize peer assistance and knowledge as a tool to develop and/or improve upon academic, social and behavioral excellence. Our group of Peer Leaders will work individually, as well as in groups, with new students on a weekly basis. All meetings between Peer Leaders and new students will be supervised by a faculty member.

Career Discovery Program

Our goal in the Career Discovery Program is to assist our students in exploring the various career options available to them in today's society. We start out each year by meeting with our senior students to get an idea of which career path they would like to explore. They fill out Career Inventory Questionnaires. From there we begin contacting sites that will allow our students to visit and "interview" owners and employees. Our students get to see what goes on at the site on a daily basis during the visit and tour. In addition to visiting sites, we try to create job shadowing and intern opportunities for students to truly experience the workforce firsthand.

Students on field trip

We hope to continue to expand our program, where our students will gain enough experience to enter college with the confidence to declare a major and subsequently enter a field that they will enjoy for a lifetime.